Our dedication to installing solar powered systems to high standards is only part of our solar business. It is because of these high standards and the professionalism of our teams that well known Energy Retailers use Volteam Electric to install and service systems on their behalf. Repairs, fault finding, alterations and regular maintenance work are all catered for by our technicians.

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Many people believe that a Solar Power System is a "fit and forget" system. However, this isn't the case. The solar power industry has been carefully reviewed recently and many installations have been checked to ensure high quality workmanship. Through these reviews, a number of changes have been recommended for future installations to ensure safer and more efficient energy production.

Regular System Maintenance
Every installation should have a regular schedule of servicing and maintenance. Many people believe their whole solar system has a lifespan of solar of 20 years. However, this is often only in reference to the efficiency warranty of the PV modules (the panels on the roof). Other system components, especially the ones mounted on the array, need to be checked regularly and replaced when necessary. Items such as roof top isolators, cable conduits and the array mounting frame are all subjected to the harshest conditions and could prove dangerous if not checked. The Australian Standards for Solar Installations AS/NZS 5033 details a recommended schedule for checking the various parts of a solar system. It is also a condition in the Energex Agreement that systems are maintained.
During our service visits our experienced technicians will bring anything to your attention that is likely to cause future faults or installation issues that don't comply to regulations. We will also provide no obligation quotes to rectify the work and other advice relevant to your system. After the service visit you will be provided with a report on our findings and a certificate of servicing that you can keep to show regular servicing, Just like you do with your car.

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Keeping it clean
A rainy day doesn't clean your car, and neither does it clean your array. Dust, dirt and bird droppings all build up on your array and start reducing the systems performance. It is possible to recover 20% more power generation by having an array cleaned. However, electricity, water and working at heights can all lead to accidents. Which is why we offer to clean the array as part of our regular service. Our technicians are trained in working at heights and have all the necessary safety equipment to ensure the job gets completed professionally and safely.

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Looking good
The investment of your Solar system is meant to add value to your home, right? Unfortunately, too often we see poorly installed systems that look an eyesore on peoples properties. If we notice this, you can guarantee a potential buyer will have noticed it and that "kerb appeal" isn't quite so appealing after all. We have a work ethic of asking ourselves "Would we like it like that on our own homes?". If we wouldn't, we would find another way if possible. It may mean a little extra work, but in the long run we find our customers are happier that way. Unfortunately, many other installers were more interested in getting the job done as quickly as possible and the quality of the install reflects this. If you want us to see what we could do to your system, get in touch. As part of our regular maintenance visit, we will offer recommendations where necessary whilst we are on site as part of the service.

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Monitoring the system
We often attend service calls where customers have not noticed the failure of their solar system for two bill cycles. This can have a big effect on those ever increasing power bills. What we recommend to our customers that periodic checks are made on the system to ensure it is performing to its full potential. It doesn't require expensive monitoring systems or specialised knowledge. This can be as simple as checking the display for power output around midday on a clear sunny day. We often suggest doing this once a week, maybe when taking the wheelie bin out or something else you do routinely. This way you will learn how much your system tends to generate in the varying weather conditions and seasons. If it starts to reduce unexpectantly or an error message appears, you can be quick to react and get it looked at before it develops into a more serious issue. For a deeper understanding, monitor your total production off the inverter on a weekly basis. Keep a note in a diary or spreadsheet and you'll be able to monitor your incremental weekly generated amount. Compare this with the figures in your estimated performance for your system to highlight failures or effieciency issues.

If your system is performing poorly, has suffered damage or needs to be dismantled and re-installed to allow other work to be completed on your premises. Whatever the reason and whoever installed it*, contact us to discuss your requirements.
*In some cases we may refer you back to your original supplier for warranty purposes

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