Electrical Installations

Electricity is dangerous and can be potentially fatal. That's why you should always use a licensed electrical contractor such as Volteam Electric. Not only do we possess the skills to complete the job, we also have the expertise to help you plan the work required to meet your exacting requirements.

With the growth of electrical items in our homes your electrical installation may not be up to a standard to cope with the extra demand put on it. Old style ceramic fuses and circuit breakers alone will only protect the wiring. Ensuring a RCD safety switch is installed is the only way to ensure you and your family are protected from electrical shock. We are able to advise on necessary upgrades to your installation and perform replacements were required.
We will provide a prompt, professional and polite service to homeowners, landlords, tenants and property managers. We are happy to provide you with a free quotation for any work you need, our experience will help you plan your project and can offer advice where you are unsure. In the meantime, take some time to explore our website which has been designed to help you get started with some of the basics.