Another 30kw Commercial Job

A Slacks Creek business recently opted to save on their energy costs by having a 30kw solar system installed on the companies premises. Volteam Electric Technicians completed the job over several days with minimal impact on the day to day operations of the customer. A total of six 5kw Delta Inverters were used in this installation. 

As always, safety is of utmost importance and the use of an EWP provided safe access to the roof and transporting the modules without risk of damage.

The array was designed to fit around existing obstacles on the roof such as vents, aircon and skylights. The early morning winter shade seen in this photo quickly clears and shadows cast across the roof are then clear from the array, maximizing the generated power on the available space.

Solar Servicing

Why it's important to regularly service your Solar System

Many people believe that owning a solar system is all about having it installed and sitting back whilst the financial benefits roll in. Whilst this is mostly true, the system owner has obligations to have their system regularly tested and maintained. 

Dirty solar panels can reduce the total output of a system by 20%. Factors such as dirt, dust, bird droppings and much more, all contribute to reducing the performance of a PV array.

"The rain will wash it all away...", this is the belief of many. But does the rain keep your car clean? or the windows of your home? The build up of dirt on the solar modules gets baked on by the sun and needs to be removed professionally and safely.

Loss in efficiency isn't the only reason your solar system should be regularly maintained. The framing structure needs to be checked periodically to ensure the modules continue to be secure. You wouldn't want one of those blowing off the roof in storm season! The electrical components of the system also need to be checked to ensure they remain water tight and are not subjected to damage.

Finally, Australian Standards associated with Photovoltaic Systems (AS/NZS 50333) states a recommended schedule of maintenance for solar systems be adhered to. Also, remember the Energex connection agreement that was signed before you had your system installed? That details your obligations under the agreement to have the system regularly maintained and inspected by qualified persons. Failure to do so, could result in losing the higher feed in tariffs or having the system shut down completely.

So, if your system is over a year old, contact us and we can guide you through our comprehensive service packages.


Big Kart Racing

The team take a break from all the hard work, and take in a few laps of the Big Kart Raceway